Get to know more about Tirolez and come to be part of this family!

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Get to know more about Tirolez and come be part of this family!

We are proud to produce cheesesquality and excellence for over 40 years!years! Everything we produce is made withwith love, care and in an ethical way.We love what we do and we love people.people, so we value each and every onewho is part of the process that involves ourour products: milk producerscollaborators, partners, and consumers.and consumers.
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Tirolez is the largest Brazilian cheese company and one of the most traditional dairy products brands of Brazil. Since 1980, we have been bringing flavor and quality to the meals of Brazilians through over 30 cheese types.

Our products began to be exported in 1999 and we aim to expand our international presence to new markets by reaching different countries around the world with the partnership of serious importing-distributing partners that foster local businesses development in their home countries.

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